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Thank the State: Low Flow Toilet

Thank the State: Low Flow Toilet

Your toilet easily clogging is a relatively new
and needless problem, caused by a completely
meaningless and unconstitutional Federal regulation.

The Energy Policy Act of 1992 forced all new toilets
to be installed with a tiny 1.6 gallon tank, down from
the normal 5+ gallons, even though 95% of Americans
live in places where there is plenty of water, the world's
most renewable resource.

Before that, a clogged toilet was an unusual event,
likely caused by Al Bundy’s erratic bowel habits.

The “low flow toilets” clog constantly, yet have no benefit at all, water being the most renewable resource
on the planet. Why not just use them in the few places
where water is actually an issue?

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Photo taken on 4 June 2019 (© The Graphic Details / Flickr)

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