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Gleise Henkel Gegenwart / tracks Henkel present Gott an der Autobahn / god near the highway Capitalism is the crisis Blaming Libertarians for Statist Problems Obstruction Care Place No nos adaptaremos Construction Conscious Business restatement Ratsorue Wealth Blüte Stahl / blossom steel p U Fahrplan müde / timetable tired Blüte und Block / blossom and block Thank the State: Nightmare Gas Cans Thank the State: Spare Tires Capitalism We Are Socialists — Hitler and Lenin COMMUNITY AND EXPERIENCE * Photo impressions of the 1920s * Paris 9e - Boulevard Montmartre WORK AND SOLIDARITY * Photo impressions of the 1920s *Wesel  - 22.07.1921  -IMG_2416 offside2019. uzhgorod. POWER AND REGRESSION * Photo impressions of the 1920s * Open Tour Free Enterprise Waste Side IMG_1496 Capitalism makes you sick
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 london, streetart, graffiti, art, protest, street, stencil, money, communism, g20
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