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Grand Canyon Day 29: Waterfall

Grand Canyon Day 29: Waterfall

Day 29, Mile 274.5: Side canyon waterfall
For this last real day of boating, most people decided to tie their boats together party-barge style and drift the 16 miles we needed to cover today. Derek and I decided against the party barge and headed out in Zeppelin to see what we could find. Sometime after lunch we stopped at a side canyon and walked up it just for the heck of it. It soon turned into a veritable Garden of Eden in the desert. I wrote in my journal:
"Derek and I stopped at Cove Canyon and hiked upstream, which was amazingly beautiful. After a walk through a lush forested canyon, you come into an open box canyon. The floor was clean white gravel, with green moss and ferns hanging all over the walls on three sides. There was a refreshing cool breeze butterflies fluttering about, and a cold, crystal clear waterfall dropping 30 feet down sheer slickrock at the head of the canyon. Perfect for hanging your head in, during a hot, sunny day."

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Photo prise @ Pearce Ferry Airport le 9 avril 2016 (© musubk / Flickr)

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