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UOB Painting of the Year BahemianArt Stri-oet by Vasarely 1979 Minimalist Tree An Idea Of The True Mist Singa at the Foot of Forbidden Hill When The Prince Met a Singa Temptation Ooops, No Worries I am Fine Breakfast Like a King The Sky is the Limit Power Play In a Male Dominated Society Triumph Over Heavy Blows Freedom Darsy Manet Art the Bar Desicated Iguana Yllus by Vasarely 1978 063a Trybox by Vasarely 1979 065a Dirac by Vasarely 1978 069a Stri-per by Vasarely 1973-74 071a Bull by Vasarely 1973-74 059a Kotzka by vasarely 1973-76 061a Contemplation N2 “Courtisane au Chapeau” - Pablo Picasso, 1901 Prince Mountains 'You And Me' Portrait Unconventionalpaintings.com Lovin' my new shoes
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 art, painting, acrylic, paint, oil, red, abstract, blue, artist, portrait
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