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Energy drinks Ale-8-One by the Case Mauerpark Graffiti August 2012 Mountain Dew's Color-changing Can slug bait Rubbish in the city streets A Man Walking on the Rocks Five Cans Bandit cans Balanced Diet Hanging Mauerpark Graffiti August 2012 Booze IN A PERFECT WORLD DSCF8539.JPG Chill Someone's redecorating the parking strip Telephone 2 cans for kittens and k-9s Beer Cans Canstruction-48.jpg Canstruction-28.jpg Canstruction-25.jpg Canstruction-7.jpg Canstruction-4.jpg Canstruction-3.jpg Just rubbish Sushi-Rama by Halsall Associates Cannon Design Pivotal Projects Recycling Center - Sunnyside, Queens
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 graffiti, art, paint, spray, street, london, streetart, festival, can, stencil
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