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Plastic Sheet on Scaffold bibs and sprigs; Shinto and Buddhism? distant Todai-ji on the rising slope of the mountain final resting place of ancient important person (kofun) the living and the dead: neighbor at fence of ancient tomb old religion and new - tumulus grave covered by trees glimpse of the massive footings for new city hall s110jp2019octnov (60) brand new Shinto shrine at Mt. Okamoto in Echizen-city steps and railing to the top of Okamoto-yama s110jp2019octnov (63) some pots marked half-price, longer-lived that buyers part of the annual citizen art exhibition, SIPY shopping mall shopping mall includes this outlet for local growers house lots, narrow but deep - similar to old Kyoto tokens of the Edo period Fuchu on display early morning workday, looking north on Echizen-city west outskirts Ibe shrine's west face in morning light Plastic Sheet on Scaffold Plastic Sheet on Scaffold Japanese garden quiet Japanese garden bonsai mobile grocery 2018 near Awatabe in Echizen-city final years of the petroleum society main river at Wakayama-city, Kii Peninsula; oceanside renewable power; riverbed near the Pacific, Kii peninsula (Wakayama city) massive scale of timbers and cross members at the Todai-ji old and new - tumulus grave of power-holder on the horizon Hino Jinja, west face of Mt. Hino at one time there was a sound of pack-horses here
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