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This one too Saint Jamie Sincerely glad we didn't run into any unsuspecting stoned teenagers in the middle of the night Yeah, you know. Role-playing games Clouds Over Maiella Highest spider on the island Some of these I don't even understand what they're sitting on This impregnable island rises nearly six inches above the tide This is the bird from earlier Here I am being excluded from the clique Kat reaches for the Green Flash This is actually a picture of a very fancy meringue pie. Fooled you film test How many of these arms do you think belong to Jackson, because you're wrong Meanwhile the sky was just DOING this Ghost audience Jackson rocked the sidestache before it was cool. He was only partially in this dimension though country pile vancouver-mozspace-vancouver-mozilla-5d-40mm-20131127-IMG_8218.jpg vancouver-mozspace-vancouver-mozilla-5d-40mm-20131127-IMG_8213.jpg blurry bus - untitled shoot-20130717-IMG_8193.jpg blurry bus - untitled shoot-20130717-IMG_8188.jpg blurry bus - untitled shoot-20130717-IMG_8194.jpg blurry bus - untitled shoot-20130717-IMG_8184.jpg blurry bus - untitled shoot-20130717-IMG_8191.jpg blurry bus - untitled shoot-20130717-IMG_8184.jpg remember our long hot summer when the sun was super bright & everybody wore white? neither do I :-) #noLongTermMemory revolver-gastown-untitled shoot-20130717-IMG_8178.jpg trolleybus wire photo walk 5dmki 40mm vancouver-5dmki-40mm-20130707-IMG_8066 trolleybus wire photo walk 5dmki 40mm vancouver-5dmki-40mm-20130707-IMG_8078
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