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Project 365 #74: 150319 Reflecting

Project 365 #74: 150319 Reflecting

This one is a shot from work today which had a bit of a subdued feel.

The news from New Zealand came as a shock to everyone, and the delivery of it felt a bit old fashioned. In these days of constant rolling news we've becomed used to events unrolling as we watch, but being on the other side of the world this happened overnight, and for most people in the UK it was a well covered event by the time they first learned of it.

The school worked fast and we managed to pull together a memorial reflection at morning break and opened up a book of condolence in the Chapel for students to write in.

This one was a little bit unusual in that it really felt like something that the kids wanted and needed. And of course...we lit candles.

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Photo taken on 15 March 2019 (© comedy_nose / Flickr)

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