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New Year Blessings

New Year Blessings

Ah, so you think I admire the British and European culture, landscape and history a lot. And I do, but part of me is also very traditional Chinese, something that I inherited from mother. To her, the foremost important thing to do on Chinese/ Lunar New Year (today 2019-02-05, Year of the Pig) is to ask for good blessings and good health from the gods.

Many of you can see on the TV news what people do outside on Chinese New Year publicly. Well, this is what goes on in our household this morning. Mother lit candles and incense sticks in front of our chalcedony (agate) statue of Guanyin the Goddess of Mercy, and asked for good blessings, good health, safe travels and smooth work for the extended Chin household and all our friends (so that would include all of you : ))))


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Photo taken on 5 February 2019 (© Can Pac Swire / Flickr)

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