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CIAS 2013 - Nissan Resonance Concept

Cartier Street

Vancity Credit Union

Dashboard (Jaguar XKE)

Lincoln MKZ Concept - CIAS 2012

Infiniti Etherea Concept - CIAS 2012

Japan Air Lines

Carrying the Coat of Arms

Storm Clouds

I love Kingston Little Girls Picking Flowers in Kingston

Canadiens-français enrolez-vous!

Autumn Colours at Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Motorcycles, Ferris Wheel, Flying Car and Woman Robot

Milwaukee Road 8 Double Bedroom Sleepers 14 & 16 "Arrow Creek" & "Gold Creek" - Observation End

A2Z Vacuums

CN Rail Locomotive 6213

Infantrymen of “C” Company (Royal Rifles of Canada) boarding HMCS Prince Robert, Vancouver, B.C. / Fantassins de la Compagnie C du Royal Rifles of Canada montant à bord du NCSM Prince Robert, Vancouver, C.-B.

2011 Intact Canadian Derby Marathon

2011 Intact Canadian Derby Marathon

2011 Intact Canadian Derby Marathon

Milwaukee Road Sleeper 2 "Lake Couer d'Alene" - Coach Section

In High Park, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (1910)

Hotel Hanlon, Hanlon's Point, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (1910)

The grand promenade between the Tin-huts. / La grande promenade entre les baraques en fer-blanc.

Misses Pugh and Parker. / Mlles Pugh et Parker.

Hyundai Genesis

Police Escort

Canadian Comedian at ComedyWorks, Montreal

Mercedes-Benz - Michael Schumacher


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