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My First Ever Owl Sighting!

My First Ever Owl Sighting!

The other morning I looked out the window at the squirrel house in the apple tree and I couldn’t believe my eyes! I saw what I think is an Eastern Screech Owl perched in the opening of the house basking in the sunshine. I have never seen an owl before! I think he was just roosting and seemed like he was half asleep. I grabbed the camera and was able to get a photo.

I hope he doesn’t have squirrel and chipmunk on the menu! LOL
He seemed so small, maybe he’ll go after smaller prey than our resident red squirrel Dr. Sinister and our little Chippy. They might be in for some trouble!

Have a great week Flickr friends. Tina and the Puglets xo

I would like to thank all of you that have taken the time to view and comment on my photos, it is very much appreciated.

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Photo taken on 14 April 2019 (© DaPuglet / Flickr)

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