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Chinese woman with umbrella

Chinese woman with umbrella

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Yesterday I gave a Composition in the Field class in the San Francisco Chinatown. I am an instructor at the Digital Photo Academy. We first went to a Leica camera store located just next to the Dragon's Gate. Indoor I explained the difference between ISO 100 and a high ISO 16,000. We left the store with my camera still set to the high ISO. Just as we left, a Chinese woman walked by with an umbrella. Perfect. I pointed my camera at the passerby - no time to adjust the camera settings. I got a single shot, way too high ISO, thus way overexposed and very grainy. I was surprised that HDR processing from the RAW file could recover quite a bit. The colors were washed out and a bit off in the background, so I partially desaturated the image, which also has the effect that the eyes of the observer are drawn to the woman with umbrella.

I processed a balanced HDR photo from a RAW exposure, carefully adjusted the curves and color balance, and partially desaturated the image. I welcome and appreciate your critical feedback.

-- ƒ/4.5, 29 mm, 1/4000 sec, ISO 16000, Sony A6000, SEL-P1650, HDR, 1 RAW exposure, _DSC7688_hdr1bal1f.jpg
-- CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, © Peter Thoeny, Quality HDR Photography

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Photo prise @ San Francisco le 30 juin 2018 (© PeterThoeny / Flickr)

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