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Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel

New life emerges from the ashes

Show me the path to the light

Perfect symmetry at Rock Creek Lake


Let's build a city

Lincoln's Sparrow

Dim Sum is fun!

Visions of a cheeseburger

Space Burger

Los Angeles Ca ~ LA Central Public Library ~ Rotunda ~ Lobby Mural

I've Been Burned Before and I Know the Score

And the Island Signs Say That We Are Close

Upper House, ready for Zen meditation

Deflector shield over Lick Observatory

California Ground Squirrel

Mavericks wave

Soothing sound of waves

Whitney Portal Arch & Lone Pine Peak

Fish Head Rock: Destroyer of Worlds & Shadows


For a Buick 8

American Photographer

Los Angeles California - Hollywood - First National Bank - Art Deco Gothic - 1927

Barclay Hotel - Los Angeles California - AKA - Van Nuys -

Wild West sunset

Sunrise, Lake Alpine

Early Morning Paddle

Bodie car

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