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Oceanside pier 1

Angry cow

For a Buick 8

A lonely Joshua tree in the Mojave Desert

Walking in the rain

We wish you a Wonderful & Häppy New Year 2019!

Holiday Spirit

Winter Purples

Oceanside Ca

The elephant seals rest for the day

The Shark Fin & Lone Pine Peak on a Cloudy Morning

Blue hour at California coast

desert paintbrush, Castilleja chromosa

desert paintbrush, Castilleja chromosa

Dinner at the cosy Nepenthe in Big Sur

Bobcat slinks into the brush (Explored)

Meteor trail over the Silicon Valley

The Echoes of Architecture

Driving along the California coast at night

Along the freeway in the wild west

Half Dome (B/W)

Kirby Cove Cascades

Reaching the light at the end of the tunnel

Fiery sky over San Francisco

Flickr / SmugMug Photowalk the Haight, December 2018

Surfer, Huntington Beach, California

Western bluebird enjoys a drink (Explored)

You gotta have some fun


Spotted Towhee

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