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Photographers having fun Deflector shield over Lick Observatory Early Morning Paddle Mama, are we there yet? Clouds Passing Over Bristlecone Pines (looking south) yellowthroats, Phacelia fremontii Pointy ridge at Point Bonita Lighthouse Well aged with time, as with a good wine Mavericks wave And Bombs Bursting in Air This buck heard the camera shutter and looked directly at me before running up the hill. Soothing sound of waves Whitney Portal Arch & Lone Pine Peak Pacific Ocean Twillight Another Stunning Eastern Sierra Sunset Time to relax with a beer Lone Pine Peak Through Whitney Portal Arch At Dawn. Lone Pine Peak. Mama killdeer still guarding her eggs. (Explored) Bodie car Golden Mono Lake Sunset Over an Hour After Sunset... A small pause at the gate Eternal battle of wind and water For a brief moment in Chinatown Meal Time Chinese woman with umbrella The corrupting influence of praise FORT POINT Santa Monica, CA. 2016
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