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Good morning San Francisco Say Goodbye to the King of the Cowboys Phoca vitulina Red fireball On a sunny day in Chinatown Blue Angels A thin sliver of life California Wildfires: The Holy Fire At Lake Elsinore On August 9, 2018 I've Been Burned Before and I Know the Score Upper House, ready for Zen meditation Into nothingness Clouds Passing Over Bristlecone Pines (Looking North) Mavericks wave Untitled Waiting with anticipation Soothing sound of waves Wonder Woman and Supergirl, Silicon Valley Comic Con, 2016 Pacific Ocean Twillight Fish Head Rock: Destroyer of Worlds & Shadows Coachella Mama killdeer still guarding her eggs. (Explored) Light of inspiration Say cheese! A small pause at the gate Eternal battle of wind and water A sliver of space and time Untitled For a brief moment in Chinatown New Day Rising
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