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Bewick's Wren Dances Like a Diamond Shines bristlecone pine star trail. 1st star trail photo of the year at this location. Sex Appeal Thinking with the eyes Night has fallen across the pond Village Light Varooom and Rammstein over the Silicon Valley A Fan Of History WW-II Era California poppy. Burrowing Owls A Tree, Fog, and Valley Plugged in North Beach Alley Killdeer (EXPLORED) Pride of Madeira Lark Sparrow A Climber on Shark’s Fin In Alabama Hills. Also... Mount Whitney. Shark’s Fin Arete. Rock Climbing Victory! Atop the Shark Fin in Alabama Hills,Ca. She is starring down Mount Whitney. Shark’s Fin Arete. Wildflowers and Soda Lake Mindful walk Shut Up Trump and Make Me a Sandwich Distracted Bus Driver ? Walking in the flower fields Among a sea of wild lilies Retina Dreamin'  (FP4+) Yay, it's summer again! After piloting the exoskeleton Eternal flow
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