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Afterglow Afternoon Shadows ... San Francisco California ~ Sutros Baths of San Francisco ~  Collage Focus on one thing, and one thing only Reindeer bike - Häppy Holidays Antique shoes Outside Lands Music Festival, San Francisco, CA All His Favorite Curves Galapoagos Tortoise Night Swimming Sabrina Lake of California's Eastern Sierra Blood Moon from San Francisco California-06693 - Mark Abbott Memorial Lighthouse California-06669 - Walton Lighthouse California-06530 - Point Reyes Lighthouse Suddenly a surreal thought came to my mind Infatuation Not Quite Sure ... The city of souls In anticipation Catching that moment I see a ghost train rumbling along the tracks Cumulous Skyscape Fly away, far far away Skylight and Parasols I want to be a kid again Untitled Marin County Civic Center ... Stairwell    (6-10/18/15) 2015-10-13 no fishing Oh we can, we can win this race
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 sanfrancisco, beach, ocean, sunset, water, nature, sky, usa, pacific, blue
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