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Serene Smooth Still Surface Scenic Salton Sea Sunset Women's March Oakland 2019 Fly on Past the Speed of Sound Memories of a redwood tree Sunbathing Great Basin Whiptail 69 (Aspidoscelis tigris tigris) Owens Dry Lake, Lone Pine, & Alabma Hills 2019 Pano Milky Way Over Pine Trees Moments Before Moonrise Bewick's Wren American Robin Dances Like a Diamond Shines bristlecone pine star trail. 1st star trail photo of the year at this location. Sex Appeal Be kind whenever possible Thinking with the eyes High up into the sky Night has fallen across the pond Yay, it's summer again! After piloting the exoskeleton Varooom and Rammstein over the Silicon Valley Eternal flow WW-II Era California poppy. Golden hour at the barn Burrowing Owls Off she went, up into the sky It's All Over and I'm Standing Pretty Charli Blake A Tree, Fog, and Valley A photographer and a mirror image Plugged in
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