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These Days Boot Arch in The Alabama Hills radar locked-on target It's all about patterns Santa Cruz - California - SANTA CRUZ BEACH BOARDWALK – NEPTUNE’S KINGDOM Pink Turns to Blue Fire In the Sky Pierced by the Golden Gate Bridge Starry Night Over Clark Dry Lake in Wet Mode Cabrillo Highway - State Route 1 , CA, USA Walking at the top of a mountain The Edition, LA Chipping Sparrow Stay Warm Mind your own business February’s Full Snow Moon over Lick Observatory Disrupted pattern Stop. Look. Go. Restless cattle Vasquez Rocks 8534 A Playtime near the Golden Gate Surrounded by lilies Synchronicity in action: Lick Observatory, celestial-object, aircraft Good morning California Street! And The Things You Can't Remember Tell The Things You Can't Forget Laguna Beach, Main Beach The moon rises on a place far far away Escape at full moon How I wish, how I wish you were here Woman in red
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