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_DSF3742 White Boat Newberry Caldera lidar-derived image Newberry Caldera Map (Obsidian) Caldera cliffs Kilauea Crater March 2019 after slump DSC_0711 Kilauea Crater March 2019 after slump DSC_0710 a0359_road_s_aaDSC_0359 (2) a0359_road_s_aaDSC_0359 a0558_Kilauea_Iki_Right_aDSC_0558 Kilauea Iki DSC_0554 a0557_Kilauea_Iki_Left_aDSC_0557 a0571_Kilauea_ChainOfCratersRd_aDSC_0571 Chain Of Craters Rd Kilauea Ted FirstCrack DSC_0600 Pele's Tears, Kilauea, in Ted's hand. DSC_0604 Kilauea caldera floor slump, see the fragment of the old road? DSC_0616 a0623_Kilauea_rim_aDSC_0623 Kilauea rim micro lava tubes skylights crater DSC_0625 Kilauea rim spatter cone micro lava tube DSC_0635 Kilauea rim spatter cone DSC_0637 Kilauea rim spatter cone gooey lava flow DSC_0641 Kilauea floor slump, exposed sulfur bank DSC_0652 Rope Lava at black sand beach frequented by turtles DSC_0812 (1) Kilauea rim spatter cone melted sticky lava DSC_0667 Kilauea rim lava flow on edge of old caldera DSC_0671 (1) Rope Lava At Turtle-friendly Black Sand Beach DSC_0816 Offshore panorama coastline off Pololu Valley, Kohala Forest Reserve DSC_0021 and _0022 Laguna Quilotoa Kilauea Caldera, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii Kilauea Iki, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii
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