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Cairo, Egypt Libyan Palette The Libyan Palette Inside the Badistan Gate Cairo, Egypt Giza Pyramid Complex Cairo, Egypt Cairo-215 Cairo-217 DSC01354 DSC01279 Tjuyu and Yuya flipflops DSC01191 DSC00548 Ancient Egyptian red shoes Ali_Day_in_Adef_7_140111.JPG DSC_0041 DSC_0344 A woman trying to protecting security forces from the bricks of protesters after they promised her to release her arrested brother. they lied by the way Simon Bolivar clashes 103_0150 March to the presidential palace demanding Morsi to release the military prisoners March to Parliament - Free Detainees of Abbassya Clashes Cairo Special Offer Clashes by the US embassy - اشتباكات السفارة الامريكية Tear Gas everywhere IMG_5114 IMG_4584 اللجان الشعبية للدفاع عن الثورة
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