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Typical Alaskan Homestead

Typical Alaskan Homestead

The hardy people that choose to live in bush Alaska often have to become like MacGyver, and at any given moment, jerry-rig anything that has broken. That is the reason you see a lot of what the average person would call "junk" - laying around outside of a remote cabin or home. You can't just jump in a car and go to the local hardware store, as it may be a couple of hundred miles away. (As it is in the case of this homesteader.)
On the other hand - what do you do with an old car or large home appliance that has quit working when you live off grid? There are a lot of puzzles like the ones I have mentioned, that have to be solved when living remotely. What would you do?

*(Notice the old truck parked down in the right hand corner of the photo? Old vehicles always capture my attention.)

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Photo taken on 8 March 2019 (© JLS Photography - Alaska / Flickr)

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