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C2C Class 357 357033 London Fenchurch Street 18/1/18 The Main Line Train LIne multi-generation forest Inside a managed forest 101F and smoke in Alsea not so stealthy camping I live in a wood house, I wipe my butt with paper... taking a break in Lobster Valley Canal Creek Five Rivers smoke in Lobster Valley sandbar in Alsea Bay crabbing and fishing on Alsea Bay smoky sunrise, Alsea Bay Bridge leaving the cool of the coast Welcome to Waldport clearcut volcano Beaver Creek valley smoky sunset taking a break somewhere in the Coast Range Hiker-Biker campsite at Big Elk Campground in Harlan paved forest road funny handlebars steep C2C trail sign Railroad bridge over the Marys River Hiker-Biker campsite at Big Elk Campground in Harlan love this sign Harris Covered Bridge Rope Walk Barton upon Humber
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