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Grubb's Notch. the final hurdle of the initial climb, and getting to it is a soul-sucking 40-60% grade. Topping out into the pines...happy me! Insta-transition from high desert to level sub-alpine! The SJ Wilderness trail map near the ranger station (top right). The Long Valley Ranger Station at el. 8,400', where you get your Wilderness permit and water. 5.5 miles to SJ Peak. Lots of signs up here...too many. Signs and sandy trails in the pines. A Forest Service cabin near Round Valley (el. 9,100'), I believe. I think this is Cornell peak, as the trail climbs from Wellman's Divide. The final climb to SJ peak. The caffeine in the gels I saved for this is kicking in 8^D A trail camp above Wellman Divide..starting the final push to the A stone alpine hut just below the summit. The final bouldery climb to the summit of Mt. San Jacinto. Of course I have to be on the very tippy top of the summit. And I'm pretty happy about it. After retracing the 5.5 miles back to the tram...it's The tram is a pretty spectacular ride; the gondola slowly rotates as it descends over and between very high vertical cliffs of striped rock. 2R25 Grays 2F16 Shoeburyness 2R22 Grays 2R22 Grays 2F18 Shoeburyness 357044 at Dagenham Dock, 19.5.2018 C2C Through Davey Down Passing Train Through Davey Down Hadleigh Caslte Hadleigh Caslte Hadleigh Caslte Little Big Town Little Big Town Little Big Town
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