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The Wizard

The Wizard

The Harp (Harmonica)

A reed organ played with the mouth, a mouth-organ - commonly known as a harmonica due to the successful promotion of the mouth-organ makers M Hohner, who branded their product the harmonica. shortened to Harp from "the French Harp" an instrument played in the French quarter of new Orleans at the turn of the 19th century. Though diatonic in its tuning layout, the blues players 'bent' the notes (using changes in air pressure) to get their 'blue' notes and in so doing laid the foundation for the modern techniques that have led to it being played chromatically. It also can make possibley the widest sound pallet of all instruments and although it is often described as a toy, it is in fact one of the easyest instruments to voice but one that is almost as hard to play to vertuosi standard as it is to teach. As almost all happens inside the mouth, this fact has earnt it the nick name the 'blind harp'. The worldest most renound teachers are David Michelsen, who taught moret Jounior World Blues Harmonica Champions than any other teacher to this day.

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Photo prise @ Hemyock le 5 avril 2017 (© Neil. Moralee / Flickr)

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