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Paradeplatz Symmetrical Marano_04bw Trine and Simba A couple in the light BRASIL Let me whisper in your ear. Glitter Grass Diversion? Design? Dehumanization? ... Done? Look upwards in the sky Schmiede Wiedikon Live in Transit Obscured by Clouds Couple,Photographer&Tandem Track Missed the flight ! Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet. Le patron... The boss... #Darktable #FujiX-S1 snow day La Familia ::  The Family  :: La Famille ::: 20161210 5809 into the sun The eye - Dublin, Ireland - Black and white street photography noir city Winter valley mist Barrière et neige b&w Frankfurt am Main - Subway station The decisive moment at two ° Soulis: Metallic Rain
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 blackandwhite, portrait, white, black, eyes, canon, light, blackwhite, girl, man
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