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A couple in love - Amesbury, England - Black and white street photography

My dog Chip

How can things go so badly wrong ?

illuminated stairs II

Alte Commerzbank im Spiegel

In the shadow of the Wolf

zoom effect

Flecha de Plata /// Silver Arrow

Wet in White



Ice cream

fairy tales

After wandering so long in the darkness, a glimmer of hope.

La Table - France(Savoie)


Do Old People Smell Funny ?

pleated skirt

Joshua tree - Joshua tree national park, United States - Black and white photography

Into the light

at the funfair

Leaving deathstar...

tour d'eiffel

In liaison with the Holy Spirit?

Dijon d'or



The Grand View

Zürich Giesshübel

Rituals Are The Base In The Bag

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