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Misty Falls Partitura_01 Pathway to the starship BlowWindBlow street panorama Phone addict fog@night Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. – Aristotle Une petite selfie! V-Frame Lunch break - Dublin, Ireland - Black and white mobile street photography Melinda Tasting the sun Sihlcity Night lake HDR Cool Cat at the platform edge A tribute to David Bowie pedestrians crossing silent tree Screw City good old Helvetiaplatz Je ne suis pas un ange...  I'm not an angel... #Darktable #FujiX-S1 same place on film in the belly of the beast fun in the rain wrong direction Birdwatching - Lisbon, Portugal - Black and white street photography Tunnelbana II metamorphose
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 blackandwhite, portrait, white, black, eyes, canon, light, blackwhite, girl, man
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