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Hangers in the fashion store Sagaing region, Myanmar Snow Freeze Somewhere just outside of Hsipaw in Myanmar On the platform in Hsipaw, Myanmar Buying pastry at the Gouda Cheese Market I loved spending time at the Hsipaw morning market shelves lined with food with Christmas Tree Expo Totes and Tees Buying a Duck Trousers Buy me one or I will hit you with my stick. Selling rice and eggs Beautifully balanced in Nyaung U, Myanmar A busier section of the Mani Sithu market in Nyaung U, Myanmar Busy market in Nyaung U, Myanmar Bargaining for Straws Quality Check Debenhams Store Exterior Manchester Who's Paying Choosing Hand holding dollar bills Sweet apples in shopping cart Sweet cherries in shopping cart On A Christmas Shopping Lime soda Buying a car Fugang fishery harbour buying leather - Marrakech, Morocco - Nov 2018
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