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Underwing and Overwing. Small Tortoiseshell Butterflies. Blue on blue Five Butterflies by Odilon Redon Duskywing #2 Cell Phone Photography magritte (the emulator) leaves san francisco and all tomorrow's butterflies, liquid painting by scott richard Der Blumenladen Brown Butterfly on decaying wood Veladyris pardalis & Megoleria orestilla males sequestering pyrrolizidine alkaloids from decaying asteraceous flowers P1360568 Veladyris pardalis P1360801 Ote Falls butterfly Ote Falls butterflies Udea numeralis Butterfly frame on a Christmas card Caeruleuptychia umbrosa P1330482 Coenophlebia archidona P1330077 Mithras elis P1330334 Im Flug Aurorafalter Anthocharis cardamines m 190422 069 loose images A female common brimstone sipping some nectar Girl with Butterflies The I Lost my Shoe When I Saw You Butterflies illustration from Churui Gafu (1910) by Morimoto Tok Zera phila P1330227bb Limenitis reducta Blue Triangles - mating frenzy Tiny Checkerspot Butterfly (Microtia dymas); San Pedro River Valley, AZ Nb.Cloudy Blue 2
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