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Fritillary_Ingrid_Ford n187_w1150 Satin skirt n78_w1150 BUTTERFLIES OF FLORIDA n316_w1150 n174_w1150 n228_w1150 n131_w1150 Paint My Wings (Toca Boca) Lycaena tityrus Yellow-fronted Owl Butterfly Square porcelain dish, W221 Swallowtail on Verbena Bonariensis Euploea core corinna (Common Australian Crow) Night Whispers Common Jezebel Crimson Rose. Pachliopta hector. Papilionidae Baronet.. Euthalia nais. BEES Callaway Gardens Butterfly House Ladybug DSC_0068 Have you got my best side? BUTTERFLIES OF FLORIDA Butterfly pupae n215_w1150 Tunnel Vision Stalker-Flies Actias isabellae ♀
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