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Botkyrka_Days_2018_084 Aphrissa neleis P1080931 Eretris sp nov nr suboculata P1040905 Strephonota, undescribed sp near S. azurinus P1520600 Abananote erinome P1500918 Lymanopoda apulia P1500488 DSC_0606 Zischkaia ordinata P1500737 Narcosius species P1500612 Baeotis elegantula P1500788 Green Dung Beetle, Oxysternon sp, possibly O. lautum P1500530 Adelpha lycorias P1500673 Rhetus dysoni P1500300 Aguas Calientes - view west along rail line entering town P1040954 Catasticta toca P1050359 Pyrisitia nise P1050191 P1470259 Forest on the road to Guayzimi P1470273 Nangaritza river near Las Orquideas, view to north Little Kids First Big Book of Bugs Chalkhill Blue Calephelis wrighti, JOTR 18809, 26 June 1966, 49 Palms Canyon, Joshua Tree National Monument, CAJ.K. Baker Monarch Caterpillar on Swamp Milkweed Butterflies Live! 2014 at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens in Richmond, VA P1120576b Forbestra equicola on the Apuya track off the main road from Tena to Puyo DSC_0207 Brintesia circe Not opening my wings! Regards Nature - Accouplement de demi deuil Forget-me-not.? Catochrysops strabo.
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