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Callicore tolumnia P1020303 Orchid flower on the road to Nambija P1010127 White-lined Sphinx Hawk moth caterpillar (Hyles lineata) on Oenothera elata Prairie blazing star with Monarch butterflies,  WSC campus prairie Kleiner Perlmutterfalter 160719 416.jpg Adelpha ethelda eponina P1520471 P1450806 Steremnia monacella or S. pronophila P1470273 Nangaritza river near Las Orquideas, view to north DSC_0497 Acmon Blue butterfly Hornbeam Dalla spica livia P1510948 Strephonota, undescribed sp near S. azurinus P1520600 Dagon pusilla P1520634 Potamanaxas hirta P1500794 Narcosius species P1500612 Green Dung Beetle, Oxysternon sp, possibly O. lautum P1500530 Rhetus dysoni P1500300 Aguas Calientes - view west along rail line entering town P1040954 Catasticta toca P1050359 P1460988 Pyrrhopyge sadia IMG_5326 GRASSHOPPER Chalkhill Blue Marbled Fritillary. Brenthis daphne. Ochlodes sylvanus DSC_0134 Butterfly at Le Jardin aux Papillons, Vannes Butterfly at Le Jardin aux Papillons, Vannes 'Arizona' Red Spotted Purple (Limenitis arthemis arizonensis),  GRCA, AZ, September 17, 1952, E. Christensen_1 (1)
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