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Wild Burros Return @ The Buffalo Corrals

Wild Burros Return @ The Buffalo Corrals

Burros returned to Custer State Park on Thursday with seemingly bewildered looks on their faces. When their corral gate opened, the animals looked tentative, perhaps wondering why a group of humans was staring at them. Eventually, the burros ambled and sniffed their way across a gravel road to a hillside, where they began munching on green grass that had popped up recently from blackened earth. The release of the burros occurred at the park's buffalo corrals. What the event lacked in excitement, it made up for in emotion, especially for those eager to see the park return to normal after December's Legion Lake Fire. The blaze burned across the state park, into Wind Cave National Park and onto private land, consuming 84 square miles in total. All nine of the state park's burros suffered injuries from the fire, including burns, dehydration, facial swelling and hoof damage. Three of the burros were euthanized, and the other six were taken away to receive veterinary care. Two of those burros are still receiving care and are expected to eventually return to the park. Thursday, the other four burros were brought back to the park, along with four more that were recently donated by Beaver Creek Buffalo Co. of Jefferson, S.D., which had purchased burros from the park in the past. Kayla and Dustin Brown, of Fall River Veterinary Clinic in Hot Springs, nursed the injured burros back to health and were pleased to see them return home. "Just give it a little time, and they'll be back in car windows," Kayla Brown said with a laugh. The burros are famous in the park for approaching vehicles, sticking their heads in the windows, and snatching food from visitors. The park's history with burros — which are really just small donkeys — dates to at least the 1920s, when they were used as pack animals to transport tourists from Sylvan Lake to the top of Black Elk Peak. After that practice ended, some burros were turned loose in the park, and a small feral herd has shared the park ever since with bison, antelope and other wildlife.

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Photo taken on 25 October 2018 (© @CarShowShooter / Flickr)

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