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Barn through Burnt Barn Window 5057 A

Barn through Burnt Barn Window 5057 A

View of a barn through the remains of a burnt-out barn window in eastern Washington, along highway 260 in Franklin County, if I remember correctly.

When I stepped out of the car to shoot these barns, I jumped-back as an angry rattlesnake shook its rattle at me from about 3 feet away as he slid into a bush. After shooting the scene, I climbed in the other side of the car and drove about 20 miles down the road and found another scene. When I got out, I looked back and could not believe my eyes to see another rattlesnake, right where I had stepped out. I had stepped right over this one, who was smaller and for some reason very lethargic.

I’ve only come across three rattlesnakes in my 58 years, and two were very close encounters on the same day!

This place had a lot of character. There a small graveyard about 50 feet to my left.

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Photo taken @ S on 17 May 2019 (© jim.choate59 / Flickr)

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