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"Aim the flashlight where the fire started."

One of the jobs I had as a Navy Photographer's Mates was being on call at night to do forensic photography. This shot was taken of a fire in a home on the U.S. Naval Air Base in Burmuda in 1980 late at night. I was 20 years old. All electricity was out and a group of locals followed me around with a failiing flashlight to give me something to focus on in the pitch black. In total darkness, I took pictures focusing on where the light fell. It was entertaining to see all the people in the room after the film was processed. I had no idea there was anyone other than the guy holding the flashlight. I captured some funny images, but my boss wasn't too happy with the forensic results. lol

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Photo taken on 13 December 2011 (© FotoGrazio / Flickr)

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