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Egyptian Sarcophagus Cover Egyptian Mummy - Head Egyptian Sarcophagus Interior 2 Egyptian Sarcophagus Interior 3 Boat to the Afterlife Sarcophagus Cover Faliscan Red Figure kylix with Europa and the Bull Somerton Romano-Bristish burials Siambr gladdu Llwyneliddon The burial Fall Color at the Cemetery 09-7938-14 The Duchess of Kent Mausoleum, Frogmore, Windsor 37  16-9-12 -Friedhofsordnung missachtet WWII German Cemetery in Caira, near Cassino, Italy (35mm Kodak Tri-X 400 in Finol) Dog Effigy Vessel 1 Dog Effigy Vessel 2 Humble Cemetery 1909141204 Humble Cemetery 1909141206 Old Burying Ground The Orchard, Windmill Hill, Bristol Gamla Uppsala Burial Grounds Edward Elgar's Grave, St Wulstan Church Cemetery, Little Malvern, England Lt. James Crotty Comes Home Lt. James Crotty Comes Home img573 Karl Marx's Tomb, Highgate Cemetery, London Frederic Chopin's Grave, Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris Cementerio de Mengíbar
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