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late Saturday afternoon crowds exiting Kyoto's Tofuku-ji station Japanese swords from Kyoto area smiths, fall 2018 culture day in Kyoto at the national museum citizen exhibition - Bonsai inventiveness early morning at Higashi Hongan-ji, Kyoto fatal weapons as fashion accessory hungering for culture, waiting to enter the National Museum Chion-in's south steps, next to main gate's main steps Culture Day near Chion-in in Kyoto - flowers, brush, tea afternoon crossing at Gion-Shijo (KeiHan subway) one of the prayer stations of Sennyu-ji, Kyoto tableau in paper - cherry blossom viewing and fun Great Hall at Sennyu-ji virtuosity of chanting voice, Chion-in in Kyoto mid-afternoon tea ceremony in Kyoto with friends at Chion-in Kyoto crowds along the Philosophers Path, Higashi-yama crowds awaiting Kyoto National Museum opening time part of the annual citizen art exhibition, SIPY shopping mall the southeast gate at Higashi Hongan-ji in Kyoto about 2 hours from ticket gate to exhibit rooms mid-afternoon Saturday, Culture Day, November 3 declaring 3 principles of Pure Land Buddhism cleaning up the temple grounds at Chion-in bird's eye view of Sennyu-ji mountaintop temple grounds imperial lineage memorialized at Sennyu-ji, Kyoto relatively few sculptures on display for Culture Day 2017 Exhibition of Ikebana (living flowers) 2017 culture day, Nov 3 mild protest or rebuke - city hall demolishing city history tea ceremony performed, weekend nearest to Culture Day close-up, wood carved sculptures
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