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Fortress Krumbach

Fortress Krumbach

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Schloss Krumbach is a castle located in the market town of Krumbach in the state of Lower Austria in Austria.

Schloss Krumbach on the top of a hill
Schloss Krumbach
The building was constructed as a fortress in the 11th century. In 1192 "Gerhardus de Chrumpach" was mentioned in documents for the first time. The fortress was destroyed by the Magyars in 1260. It was later owned for over 200 years by the family of Pálffy von Erdöd. Sold to an Austrian lawyer 1875, the castle changed private owners several times. It was converted into an hotel in 1993 and has been owned by the Austrian investor Mirko Kovats and his Artis Hotel Group since 2009.

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Photo taken on 8 January 2019 (© a7m2 / Flickr)

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