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Bloomington Illinois ~ Ensenberger Condominiums ~Aka ~ G.A. Ensenberger Furniture store

Bloomington Illinois ~ Ensenberger Condominiums ~Aka ~ G.A. Ensenberger Furniture store

This beautiful building has been fully restored to showcase it's grand stairways, marble floors, and it's gorgeous 1920's decor. Opened in 1926, the G.A. Ensenberger Furniture store brought new life to the downtown Bloomington Area. Bringing its elegant, stylish design to the Central Illinois region brought many new customers to the area. This seven-story building, designed by the ever-popular Arthur Pillsbury, has been a historical monument in the downtown Bloomington area ever since.
Brief History:
1926 - $250,000 plus-building completed following the death of the architect, Arthur L. Pillsbury in October 1925

1926 - Building housed business founded by Gustave A. Ensenberger, a local carpenter, selling locally produced and handmade furniture

1941 - Gothic spires that originally topped the building removed in an attempt to make the building look more modern

1995 - Ensenberger's Furniture store closed

2005 - Renovations for the new Ensenberger condominiums was underway for developer Merle Huff, Russel Francois & Associates, architect 229

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Photo prise @ Bloomington le 16 septembre 2009 (© Onasill ~ Bill Badzo - 60 Million Views - Thank Yo / Flickr)

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