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Ready for my close up RCS_3183 RCS_3175 CASEnt_Ross_1962_001 The Green Hornet Immature red-bugs Grasshopper DSC_1181 Great Purple Hairstreak DSC_0680 May Fly on a dead tree Buzzing with Possibilities Whisper to my ears (Ladybug and ant) Candy Striped Leaf Hopper BUTTERFLIES OF FLORIDA Dec. No it's Ant! Lacewing Running Crab Spider (Philodromus sp.) Bee and Bugs on Flower Bee with Pollen 05-06-2013--51 Resting Phidippus audax - Daring Jumping Spider Phidippus audax - Daring Jumping Spider Sixspotted Orbweaver (Araniella displicata) A Bugs Life rejoice picks bugs off franny 128/365 - Chives Oregon Zoo 40 Agrile du frêne
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