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Denis Coderre - Attention au chien #375mtl #mtl375 Denis Coderre - Attention au chien #375mtl #mtl375 EI-FWA HA-LYG : Budapest Candidate City Olympic Games 2024 2-DEER Let's put an end to the debate about pit bulls F**k Coderre, Love Dogs, #StopBSL UR-82060 A6-SIL UR-86528 OO-TNO UR-86528 YR-BME I-NDMJ G-TCXC 9H-ZAZ EC-KSM F-HXLF EI-FMR CS-TGU M-YBUS ZS-DJA EI-DCL : Dreamliner C/S Kongu Exp. MAS - BZA Janshatabdi SF Air Inter Airbus A320-100; F-GGED@BSL, January 1989 FedEx Boeing 757-2B7F; N903FD@BSL;19.10.2016 YPR - GKP Exp. #BSL: British Sign Language on Elm St Graffiti Alley, Roath, Cardiff Peaches our pit bull
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 pitbull, dog, bull, pit, dogs, apbt, bully, pitbulls, pets, animals
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