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2018 Coney Island Mermaid Parade To Pier 6 Barge Loaded with Ashes from Gravesend Bay Incineration Plant 05/1973 The Brooklyn Porch Hangout Rain 1976 70s Late Night Slice DANCE/THEATER - Swan Lake/Loch na hEala, at Brooklyn Academy of Music Mr. Mingus East River Saturday night, Coney Island ferry ride home The New Yorkers Ten Bucks Gated, Brighton Beach Fruit stand, Brighton Beach Trees of New York And We've Been Burned By All Our Fears Brooklyn Street Scenes Brooklyn Street Scenes Under the Brooklyn Bridge – New York City Brooklyn Bridge over Wall Street Storm Brewing over the Marine Parkway Bridge (Gil Hodges Bridge) Amber Waves of New York West Indian Parade 5 West Indian Parade 4 A calm evening West Indian Parade 1 Ocean view, Coney Island Original Nathan's She Lost Her Lover to The Wind, or at Least That Was Her Excuse This Time Just The Two of Us
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