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Hellenistic bronze statue of a running athlete, 3 Antoninus Pius Kunst - Middenweg Den Helder Epstein: Lucifer Iron Age bronze spectacle fibula from Tomb 1 at Torre del Mordillo Lloyds Bank Solihull horse sculpture Bronze helmet from the Tomb of Seuthes III, 2 It's rare I get higher than Lady Victory. York Plaque Piazza San Marco TITANICA SCULPTURE BY ROWAN GILLESPIE [AT THE TITANIC BELFAST BUILDING]-140031 Sphinx, Thames Embankment Guilin, Sun and Moon twin pagodas Bronze casting 4 Statues, Chirk Castle Altes Museum Berlin 3D Beelden Hoge Raad op Korte Voorhout Den Haag 3D Our Lady of the Angels 3 Broad Street, Birmingham - Claude Auchinleck statue ritual Bronze Wine Container China Zhou Dynasty appx 1000 BCE Horse Fountain  15 Horse Fountain 10 Köln / Cologne (Germany). Bert Gerresheim's Edith Stein monument (detail). Edith Stein as a young Jewish woman with Star of David A77V8018 STIER by Evert den Hartog 3D Sun on Bronze The Palace of Charles V - The Alhambra - Granada - eagle ring Having a Clean Up
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