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Coral Honeysuckle Fritillary and Honeysuckle DSCN4178 DSCN4179 DSCN4181 DSCN4182 Showing Off Those Pearly Whites Wanna Race? Carolina Wren at Elm Lake Elm Lake Egret Tree Nectar Fit For a Queen Caught in a Bad Spot Hang On, Spidey Feeding on the Lantana Great Blue Heron in 40 Acre Lake Now What? Not a Product Endorsement Elm Lake Coot Little Blue Heron in Elm Lake Throw Another Dragonfly on the Barbie Green, Green, It's Green I Say Fleeing Egret Gulf Fritillary Near the Old Windmill A Ducky Afternoon Floater In-Line Stilts Trapped The Cosmos, Abstracted Crunch & Munch Close Encounter
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