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Baby Turtle Catching Some Rays Yellow-Bellied Flycatcher at 40 Acre Lake Tricolored Heron Over 40 Acre Lake Look Around Poked in the Eye With a Stick Big Bird Reflections and Pond Life Slip Slidin' Away Wade in the Water Now What Did I Do With My Other Leg? Green Monster I Am Gator, Hear Me Roar Fall Foliage, Brazos Bend Style No Pushing, No Shoving, No Running Don't Bite Me Elm Lake Sunday Creekfield Morning Contemplation Anhinga at 40 Acre Lake Fall Foliage, Brazos Bend Style Reflecting Upon Life and Its Foibles Open Wide and Say Aaah Brazos Bend Standoff Warbler at 40 Acre Lake Stirring Things Up Red-Shouldered Hawk at 40 Acre Lake Female Painted Bunting at 40 Acre Lake Fearless Great Blue Heron
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