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Chowing Down Mama Wood Duck and Her Babies Flower Lover Afloat Hiding in the Grass Tagged Trio Flaps, Slats, and Speedbrake Deployed Watching and Waiting Bittern on a Log Nature Center Bluebonnet Great Egret in Flight Stepping Lively Even the Little Ones Have Teeth Glossy Ibis in Elm Lake Looking For a Snack Snowy Egret Flies Over 40 Acre Lake Snowy Egret in 40 Acre Lake Not Waiting Around Great Egret in 40 Acre Lake Lesser Scaup in Elm Lake Scaup Flotilla Ring-Necked Ducks in Elm Lake Bump on a Log Great Egret Wading in 40 Acre Lake Blue-Winged Teals on Creekfield Lake alligator2 alligator3 alligator4 bird1 lacke1
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