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Elm Lake Dragonfly We Were Sailing Along on Moonlight Bay Do You See What I See? Green Heron Launching Pad Trumpet Vines in a Tall Tree Orange and Purple Beauty Wow, This Thing is Heavy Wisp Tree Fungus Creekfield Big Pier Paradux See me now? 40 Acre Lake Dweller Cardinal in the Grass at Brazos Bend Yellow-Crowned Night Heron 2 Near Elm Lake Yellow-Crowned Night Heron Near Elm Lake Mohawk 'Do Lovely Couple Gentleman Red Bird Hang On Tight Lady Cardinal in a Tree at 40 Acre Lake The Paradux of Creekfield Lake Freshly Opened Lotus Flower in 40 Acre Lake Don't Get Too Close Thi is How We Do the Heron Dance A Bit of a Sticky Wicket Don't Mess With Me Female Blue-Winged Teal in Pilant Lake Green Heron in Elm Lake Pied-Billed Grebe in Elm Lake Overcome by Undergrowth
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