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And Sat Down Beside Her Reflections on an Anhinga Cormorant in a Hurry Bald Cypress Beside Creekfield Lake December Day on Elm Lake Snowy Profile On Point Long Neck, Long Beak Preaching to the Choir Elm Lake Wader Ducky-Wucky More Foliage Texas Foliage Turning Leaves at Elm Lake Elm Lake Cypress Damselfly in Creekfield Lake There's One in Every Crowd Gulf Fritillary on the Prairie Trail Late Afternoon on 40 Acre Lake Creekfield Lake in October Buried in Pollen Eight-Legged Flower Lover Monarch at the Nature Center Touchdown We Have Liftoff Comin' for to Carry Me Home Complementary Colors Stretching His Wings Silver Dollar Baby Sticking Its Neck Out
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