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Vermilion Flycatcher at 40 Acre Lake Eastern Pondhawk at Elm Lake On the Nose Heron on a Stick Mother Grebe and Her Chicks The Getaway Texas-Sized Swamp Rat 40 Acre Dandelion Singing the Greens Closest Approach Spotted Visitor Yellow Coneflower on the Prairie Trail Monarch of the Butterweed Green Slimed Lurker 1 Yellow-Crowned Night Heron at Elm Lake Yellow-Bellied Water Snake Creekfield Anole Snowy Strider Little Blue Heron in Pilant Lake Black-Crowned Night Heron The Morning Catch Bride of the Monster Yearling A Small Jam Doing the Breast Stroke Red Ear Lurker 2 Observation Tower Tranquility
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