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Texas Foliage Knee Deep in Dirty Water Cypress Reflections Turtle Talkin' Fall Foliage, Texas Style Flaming Cypress Froggie Went A-Courtin' Just Like Romeo and Juliet Reflections in Pilant Lake Creekfield Bullfrog Coral Honeysuckle at the Nature Center Elegant and Stately Kettling Wood Storks Elm Lake Wildflower Spinning a Web Broad-Banded Water Snake Pokeweed Beside Creekfield Lake Dragonfly Hanky-Panky Asps That Pass in the Morning 40 Acre Lake Observation Tower Common Gallinule on Lotus Pad Lantana at Brazos Bend State Park Goldenrod at Brazos Bend State Park Wild Coreopsis at Brazos Bend State Park Pond Life Idyll Tiger Swallowtail and American Buttonbush Another Bad Hair Day Mud Bug - It's What's For Dinner Tiger Swallowtail Wilted
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