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Time For Lunch Calling Number Nine Till the Cows Come Home Horns Voodoo Moo Mazeri - The Heart of the Caucasus Cow-tentment Cattle Emerging From Pond, Meikitla Myanmar 6948ex a bit twisted...... Meeting Point Young yak grazing Beira Dorcatragus megalotis Cow Portrait, Meikitla Myanmar Cleaning While Nursing, Meikitla Myanmar Cow Drinking from Pond, Meikitla Myanmar Calf in Mud, Meikitla Myanmar Cows Crossing Road Menelik's Bushbuck Tragelaphus [scriptus] meneliki Menelik's Bushbuck Tragelaphus [scriptus] meneliki Curious Keeping their distance Village Streets - The Cow - Georgia Village Streets - The Cow - Georgia Mestia in Svaneti - Georgia Mountain Nyala Tragelaphus buxtoni Mountain Nyala Tragelaphus buxtoni Beautiful Normandy Countryside! The cow whisperer Scottish Highland Bull Diva on show
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